SeqCap Epi Developer Probes enable the targeting of selected genomic regions (up to 210 Mb) for epigenetic studies from bisulfite-treated genomic DNA in a single workflow. Built on the Roche proprietary probe design and manufacturing technologies, SeqCap Epi Developer Probes allow for complete customization for targeting both strands of any organisms’ bisulfite-treated genomic DNA.

Features and benefits of the SeqCap Epi Developer Probes

  •  Efficient discovery of differential methylation
  •  Optimized design and workflow to effectively conserve epigenome complexity
  •  Maximized epigenetic discovery while minimizing sequencing costs

Product Highlights

High depth of coverage

  •  Targeting epigenomic region of interest with a custom enrichment solution for bisulfite sequencing
  •  Better depth of coverage and higher resolution than whole genome bisulfite sequencing (WGBS)1

Observation of methylation changes on both DNA strands

  • Advanced design algorithm coupled with the ability to manufacture over 2.1 million long oligonucleotide probes provides superior target enrichment performance
  • Enables observation of methylation changes on both strands while preserving the ability to decipher  SNPs vs. methylation events
  • Sample input amounts of just 1µg*

Custom Designs

NimbleDesign, our free online tool, enables you to quickly and easily design custom SeqCap EZ Choice, SeqCap EZ Choice XL or HEAT-Seq® Choice Designs for human and non-human research applications. Learn more about the NimbleDesign software for custom target enrichment designs.


1. Fu et al. 2010, PLOS One. High-resolution genotyping via whole genome hybridizations to microarrays containing long oligonucleotide probes.

*Data on file.