Why choose Roche?

Roche, a pioneer in personalized healthcare with over 90,000 employees around the world, has been developing tests for highly regulated environments for nearly 50 years. Our company is very well equipped for developing designs for commercial-level workflow. To date, Roche has 32,647 clinical trial sites with clinical studies managed in compliance with international guidelines.

Roche offers a portfolio of over 47 Women's Health products covering:

  • Pregnancy

  • Fertility

  • Gynecological disorders

  • Female cancers

  • Menopause

  • Osteoporosis


Backed by a partnership that maximizes opportunity and productivity

The Harmony test is fully backed by the resources and expertise of Roche, an industry leader and global pioneer in personalized healthcare. From dedicated technical support, marketing, and sales, you can count on us to provide training and help you drive volume and value to your NIPT offering. We offer a global brand, which our partners can take advantage of.