Test options and implementation


Test options and implementation

The Harmony test focuses on the most common conditions and can be used in singleton, twin, and self- and non-self egg donors. At Roche, we offer a cost-effective path to build your NIPT business.

Decentralized testing with the Roche cfDNA System (AcfS):

This option enables labs with mid- to high- test volumes to perform the Harmony test directly in their labs. Instrument and software can be installed locally in the lab and reagents can be procured as needed for the Harmony test on AcfS. Blood samples will go to the local testing lab. The system scalability allows you to adjust to your desired throughput from 3500 to 24,000 tests with a single system.


Test Sendout Option (TSO)

TSO provides labs an opportunity to build volume and grow their business before switching to local testing. In this option, labs and hospitals can collect blood samples and send them directly to Roche and all tests are done at Roche’s CLIA lab. Patient reports are delivered by Roche. This is a simple and convenient way of offering the best-quality NIPT to your patients.