Bring the Harmony® Test In-House

The Harmony test is fully backed by the resources and expertise of Roche, an industry leader and global pioneer in personalized healthcare. From dedicated technical support, marketing, and sales, you can count on us to provide training and help you drive volume and value to your NIPT offering.

NIPT test tubes


Our Distributed Lab Solution

Bring the Harmony test directly into your lab with the Roche cell-free DNA System, AcfS. The AcfS offers an innovative, comprehensive approach to improve value while reducing time and cost.1,2

Instruments and software are installed locally in your lab and reagents procured as needed. The system is readily scalable to address your growing NIPT demand, with the potential to process 2,500 to 24,000 samples with a single system. More modules can be added for volumes greater than 24,000.

Our support and technical teams will be with you every step of the way, from on-site installation to training and post-launch support.

AcfS Workflow Overview

Designed for laboratories that run a minimum of 2,500 samples a year, the AcfS enables maximum hands-free operation and provides full-process automation control and library-to-results sample tracking. 

AcfS Workflow

Find out how AcfS can work in your lab.


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