Roche - Genialis Partnership: Where Single-Tube Library Preparation Meets Single-Click Data Analysis

14 November 2018 Blog Staff

Thank you to those who attended our presentations on single-cell RNA-Seq and NGS-based CRISPR QC applications at ASHG 2018. We have recorded the talks and they will be available on the website soon. So stay tuned!

If you missed ASHG, then you may have missed the good news on how your RNA-Seq life is about to get less complicated through our new co-promotion with Genialis. 

Take the concerns and considerations of an RNA-Seq workflow: Do I need to deplete rRNA and globin or enrich mRNA transcripts? How good will the quality of my library be? Will I be able to cover GC-rich and low-abundance transcripts? How do I ensure strand specificity? Which sequencing instrument to use? So many questions. Add to the mix, the woes of RNA-Seq data analysis. Do I have access to bioinformatics resources or will I need to take a course in bioinformatics or hire an expert just for data analysis? How often do I manually test and evaluate my tools? And how on earth do I make sense of all this RNA-Seq data? More questions. 

If you are one those researchers baffled by these kind of questions, you are definitely not alone. All biologists are not sequencing experts, savvy with troubleshooting library prep issues or knowledgeable with bioinformatics tools. Nor are all labs equipped with the ability to build data processing pipelines and cloud storage. Given all of these constraints, carrying out all the steps involved in RNA-Seq efficiently and then to analyze, understand and interpret the enormous amount of RNA-Seq data has remained a huge challenge.

The Roche - Genialis partnership was formed to help biologists tackle these issues by providing a proven, simple and complete NGS-based gene expression solution. 

Roche’s optimized RNA-Seq sample prep workflow provides a single-tube solution that combines all reagents and accessories necessary to convert a sample to a sequencing-ready library. The Genialis data analysis and visualization workflow, on the other hand, enables you to run your raw sequencing data through preconfigured automated pipelines, track how each sample was processed, visualize and interpret your results in real time and manage your projects in the cloud.

In short, the Roche - Genialis partnership lets you answer the biological questions that you want answered without getting embroiled in the quagmire of the RNA-sequencing and analysis workflow-related issues.

Come check out the new complete RNA-sequencing workflow from Roche.



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