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Enabling NGS-based CRISPR QC applications with robust, high-performance DNA library preparation workflows

Discovery of the CRISPR system has enabled simple and cost-effective
gene editing with significant application potential in biomedical research.
Many gene editing experiments have an obligatory QC step involved,
either for DNA sequence verification at the targeted genomic locus, or
for identification of off-target mutations. Rapid adoption of CRISPR
technology coupled with applications across multiple model systems
necessitates quick, accurate, and cost-effective sequencing of edited
cell lines and/or organisms.

In this session, we will present two methodologies leveraging the
KAPA DNA library prep portfolio for sequencing-based CRISPR quality
control (QC):

  • a high-throughput targeted amplicon approach for
    indel screening
  • CIRCLE-Seq for off-target effect detection

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