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Human Whole Genome Sequencing in the New Era Defined by the Illumina® HiSeq® and NovaSeq Platforms™

Illumina’s HiSeq X® and NovaSeq™ series of sequencers have ushered in a
new era of high-throughput human whole-genome sequencing. Advances in
sequencing technology continually drive the evolution of sample preparation,
sequencing and primary data analysis processes in the pursuit of robust,
production-scale pipelines.

In this webinar, each of the presenters -

  • Provide an overview of the challenges in WGS library preparation
    and sequencing pipelines.
  • Discuss optimization strategies for sequencing on the HiSeq X and
    NovaSeq platforms.
  • Highlight experiences using the NovaSeq

Other topics discussed include sequencing FFPE samples and sequencing
of large, non-human genomes.

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