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We know there’s a lot to learn about NGS, from sample prep to workflow optimization to understanding sequencing metrics and putting it all together while making the most of your sequencing budget-— including time, reagents, and bioinformatic analysis—isn’t easy.

That’s why we created this collection of short videos — to help answer your NGS questions and offer guidance for getting the most out of every sample, including DNA, RNA, and target-enriched NGS libraries.

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What is On-Target Rate in NGS?

What is Duplication Rate in NGS?

What is multiplexing in NGS Target Enrichment?

Low-quality samples in NGS Target Enrichment

What is a Genome Equivalent?

What is a good panel design for NGS Target Enrichment?

What is Fold-80 Penalty?

What is GC Bias?

How does the 20% rule help manage expectations in targeted NGS?

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