HyperCap products provide an integrated next-generation sequencing (NGS) sample preparation solution that combines all reagents and accessories required for library preparation and target enrichment into a single workflow. The HyperCap Workflow v2.0 integrates high-efficiency KAPA Library Preparation Kits and KAPA Dual-Indexed Adapters with performance-optimized SeqCap® EZ probes and Roche® Universal Blocking Oligo (UBO) Kit. 

KAPA HyperPrep and KAPA HyperPlus Library Preparation Kits are novel one-tube chemistry with optimally formulated enzymes selected through our directed evolution technology. They enable higher yields of adapter-ligated library and lower amplification bias resulting in higher library diversity, lower duplication rates and more uniform coverage compared to other products available in the market.* 

SeqCap EZ probes use an innovative single-tube solution-based hybridization capture technology that enables enrichment of any genomic region of interest. They are built upon an optimized design algorithm and manufactured with high probe density and demonstrate uniform and higher depth of coverage. 

KAPA Dual-Indexed Adapters enable greater multiplexibility compared to existing options by utilizing up to 96 sample barcodes.

Roche Universal Blocking Oligo Kits eliminate the need for adapter-matched blocking oligos, affording a simple and faster workflow. 


# Step HyperCap v2.0
1 Library construction chemistry KAPA HyperPrep or HyperPlus Kit; SeqCap Adapter A/B Kits, KAPA Dual-Indexed (96) Adapters
2 DNA binding to SPRI beads (cleanups) 5 min
3 Hybridization setup Bead-based; UBO
4 Volume of capture beads 50 µL
5 Vortex during capture No
6 Bead capture time 15 min
7 Bead wash volume (tube) 200 µL (PCR tube/plate)
8 Bead wash parameters No prolonged vortexing or water bath required
9 Post-capture LM-PCR Single 50 µL reaction, 14 cycles

Benefits of HyperCap Workflow

Generate high-quality libraries from degraded samples

  • Elevate the quality of FFPE sequencing data
  • Reduce the impact of DNA quality on sequencing depth

Increase convenience with Roche Universal Blocking Oligos (UBOs)

  • Use a single tube of oligos to efficiently block barcoded adapters
  • Select single- or dual-indexing strategies
  • Meet or exceed the performance of Supplier X’s blocking oligos while maintaining uniformity of capture

Address low-input sample needs

  • Achieve high coverage across a range of sample inputs
  • Reduce duplicate rates with industry-leading conversion efficiency

Efficient library construction with KAPA Dual Adapter Kits 

  • Minimal levels of adapter dimer formation
  • Nominal levels of barcode cross contamination as confirmed by sequencing-based QC testing
  • Higher multiplexibility compared to existing options

Easily automatable workflow with broad platform compatibility 

  • Reduced instrumentation requirement enabling easy automation
  • Multiplexing option, optimizing robot utilization
  • Concordant performance as the manual method

  *Data on file.