SeqCap EZ Choice Enrichment Kit


SeqCap® EZ Choice Enrichment Kits allow for enrichment of genomic regions of interest up to 7 Mb for human resequencing studies with an automation-friendly workflow.

Benefits of SeqCap EZ Choice Enrichment Kits

  • Capture up to 7 Mb custom regions with a single design utilizing up to 2.1 million probes
  • Achieve uniform and high performance capture and save on sequencing costs
  • Capture more target regions to identify more variants compared to other enrichment methods*
  • Obtain higher coverage of target regions with our advanced repeat masking methods
  • Combine with KAPA's library preparation products to create the HyperCap Workflow v2.0 for a fully integrated sample preparation solution.

Minimize sequencing costs through efficient multiplexing

View SeqCap EZ Choice-Comprehensive Cancer Design sample multiplexing capabilities.

Sample Multiplex Capabilities
Coverage Illumina HiSeq (34 Gb*) Illumina MiSeq (4 Gb*)
75x 14 Samples 2 Samples
100x 12 Samples 1 Sample
150x 7 Samples -
*Estimates for sequencing throughput per lane are based on Manufacturer's specifications

Sample throughput multiplexing. Illustrated at 75x, 100x, and 150x coverage rates with 90% bases covered using Illumina 2x76 bp reads on either a HiSeq or MiSeq instrument.

  *Data on file.