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KAPA Target Enrichment Custom Panels

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This presentation introduces Roche’s new KAPA Enrichment Portfolio
for exome and custom panel workflows.

We presented data demonstrating how Roche’s renowned design
algorithms and new, high-performance probes combine to increase
capture uniformity in translational and high-throughput sequencing,
even for FFPET samples or when using short hybridization times.

Speaker Bio: Markos Mihalatos joined Roche in 2011 for the South
Eastern European Region as a Key Account Manager of NimbleGen
Arrays and Sequence Capture. He continued on to become a Marketing
Manager for Sequence Capture, Sequencing, Life Sciences and Molecular
Diagnostics within the South Eastern European Region. In 2018 Markos
joined Roche’s Global Sample Prep Reagents team in Pleasanton, CA as
an International Product Manager, with a focus on the Roche Target
Enrichment portfolio.

Before Roche, Markos had worked as a team leader in various molecular
biology diagnostic labs and as a sales/application specialist in the
biotechnology industry. Markos holds a PhD in Molecular Biology from
the University of Ioannina and a BSc in Biology from the University of
Athens, Greece.