Building on over 10 years of design expertise, Roche is pleased to introduce the KAPA Target Enrichment Portfolio. These new probes for hybridization-based target enrichment are available in the new KAPA HyperExome* or in Custom Panels* that you develop using HyperDesign*, our new online development tool.

Our KAPA Target Enrichment Portfolio probes and updated HyperCap v3 workflow offer significant benefits and improvements compared to SeqCap EZ probes, including:

  • Demonstrated design expertise for targeting difficult-to-capture sequences
  • Superior capture uniformity for lower sequencing costs/time
  • Outstanding single-vendor support across the entire workflow

Increase sequencing efficiency with KAPA HyperExome

  • Optimize sequencing throughput with our compact ~43 Mb design
  • Achieve better coverage compared to Supplier X, especially with deeper sequencing
  • Increase coverage uniformity across a broad range of GC content

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Easily design custom panels online

HyperDesign is a new online tool that uses Roche’s renowned algorithm for probe design and selection, enabling you to customize your target enrichment panels to meet the unique needs of your research. In addition, Roche’s Support Scientists are ready to help you with design planning and optimization.

KAPA HyperChoice

Capture up to 200 Mb of human targets.

KAPA HyperExplore

Capture up to 200 Mb of non-human targets.


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AGBT 2020 workshop presentation

This presentation introduces Roche’s new KAPA Target Enrichment Portfolio for exome and custom panel workflows. In this video, you will learn about how Roche’s renowned design algorithms and new, high-performance probes work together to:

  • Increase capture uniformity in translational and high-throughput sequencing
  • Yield high-quality results even from FFPET samples
  • Enable substantial reduction in hybridization times

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