Sample Collection


Providing efficient methods to obtain tissues and cell-free DNA for downstream applications.

Sample collection is a critical preanalytical step for any application. Investigations on the influence of preanalytical considerations such as sample collection and storage have underscored their importance in determining the validity and usefulness of data for downstream analyses.1,2,3  In order to obtain the most relevant information, it is imperative to ensure that there is minimal sample loss, consistency in collection, and preservation of sample integrity.

Roche Sequencing Solutions provides essential tools, from simple collection tubes to sophisticated tissue dissection systems, which enable you to efficiently capture challenging tumor samples such as formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissue (FFPET) or cell-free DNA (cfDNA).4


Cell-Free DNA Collection Tube*

Providing specimen stability, safety and durability, the Cell-Free DNA Collection Tube is specially formulated for the collection, stabilization and transportation of whole blood specimens, and for preservation of nucleated cells to enable analysis of cell-free DNA.

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AVENIO Millisect System

Optimized to fit easily into a variety of clinical workflow configurations, the automated, high-performance AVENIO Millisect System provides precise and consistent recovery of FFPE tissue areas of interest with maximum efficiency. This can help you extract the most clinically relevant information from every sample.

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