KAPA PROBE FORCE qPCR Kit contains a highly inhibitor-resistant qPCR master mix that removes the need for DNA purification, enabling streamlined sample-to-Cq workflows. A third generation DNA polymerase engineered through our directed evolution technology imparts resistance to blood, tissue, and plant PCR inhibitors. This allows crude samples to be analyzed with comparable accuracy, reproducibility, and sensitivity as purified DNA.



  • Direct qPCR from crude blood, tissue, and plant extracts
  • Sample-to-Cq workflows in <1 hour
  • High efficiency for accurate, reproducible, and sensitive result
  • Superior tolerance to carry-over inhibitors
  • Multiplex compatibility with crude extracts

Product Highlights

Generate accurate and reproducible results

  • High reaction efficiency in the presence of PCR inhibitors for reliable data generation

Break through high levels of qPCR inhibitors

  • Achieve greater levels of sensitivity  for inhibited blood, tissue, and plant samples compared to other available kits*
  • Convert purified DNA assays to crude workflows without observable Cq delays

Multiplex crude samples efficiently

  • Accelerate genotyping analysis with single reaction allelic discrimination of crude DNA extracts
  • Maximize data collection from precious samples, increase throughput, and reduce costs through multiplexing

*Data on file.