High Resolution Melt (HRM) analysis is a technique for fast, high-throughput post-PCR analysis of genetic mutations or variance in nucleic acid sequences. The KAPA HRM FAST Master Mix contains a novel DNA polymerase and buffer system, and the EvaGreen saturating dye optimized for maximum discrimination between sequence variants.

Benefits of HRM FAST qPCR Kit

  •  Accurate detection of DNA sequence variants

Product Highlights

Maximized differences in sequence variants

  • Contains DNA polymerase engineered to maximize differences in melting behavior
  • Improved sensitivity

Accurate detection of Type IV SNPs

  • 95% detection levels compared to a competitor kit*
  • Reduced reaction times

Extraction, amplification and HRM in < 2 hours

  • Rapid detection of SNPs when used in combination with the KAPA Express Extract Kit

*Data on file.