MagNA Pure 24 Instrument

Your key to automated nucleic acid extraction

Sample Number:
1 to 24 isolations per run
Sample Volume: Input of 200μL to 4mL
Ability to mix batch within one run: Yes
Validated human sample types:
Whole blood, plasma, cerum, nasal swab, BAL, urine, stool, cultured cell, fresh-frozen tissue
Run time for 24 isolations: Approx. 70 minutes for 200μL starting sample volume
Run time for 8 isolations: Approx. 30 minutes for 200μL starting sample volume
Reagent type: Universal, prefilled, ready-to-use cassettes
LIMS connectivity: Yes
21CFR part 11 (subsection B) compatibility: Yes
Labeling: IVD (US)