MagNA Pure 24 Instrument

Your key to automated nucleic acid extraction

Enter a new world of productivity

At Roche, we understand that when it comes to nucleic acid purification, confidence is everything. You can depend on our MagNA Pure 24 instrument for reliable results through minimal user interaction, cutting-edge technology, and LIS connectivity.

The MagNA Pure 24 instrument was built around the demands of molecular testing labs. In addition to providing quality purified eluates, this new system offers onboard primary sample handling and mixed-batch sampling. It is IVD labeled and comes with surveillance features to ensure the highest quality of eluate while reducing human error.

The MagNA Pure 24 purifies nucleic acids from a wide range of starting materials using magnetic glass particle technology. It can processes up to 24 samples in just over an hour using barcoded, prefilled cassettes with ready-to-use reagents. Preprogrammed software protocols are tailored to a diversity of prevalidated human sample types. The isolated and purified nucleic acids meet the quality standards required for genomic workflows such as highly sensitive quantitative PCR/RT-PCR analysis.

Designed with you in mind.

The MagNA Pure 24 instrument was constructed around the diverse needs of modern laboratories. This system enhances your nucleic acid workflow with easy-to-use features such as:

  • Single universal reagent kit for 9 prevalidated human sample types
  • Primary sample input, with mixed-sample batching
  • Scalable extraction of 1 – 24 samples
  • Extraction of up to 24 samples in 70 minutes, or 8 samples in 30 minutes
  • Volume inputs ranging from 200 μL to 4 mL
  • Sample and inventory tracking via barcoded surveillance
  • Resealable reagent kits to reduce waste
  • IVD labeled with barcoded onboard surveillance to track liquid levels, extraction inventory, and sample clots

Be confident in your results

The MagNA Pure 24 instrument offers a unique combination of features to expand and customize your molecular testing offering, allowing you to prepare multiple sample types while increasing traceability and reducing human error.

Experiment Details: Plasma was spiked with two different pathogens prior to NA extraction. The presence/absence of pathogen DNA in each sample was then detected by qPCR. Four consecutive extraction runs were performed: (1) 24 negative samples (2) 24 samples (12+, 12-) with Pathogen 1000. (3) 24 samples (12+, 12-) with Pathogen 200, (4) 24 negative samples. Analyzed by qPCR.

The flexibility to do more

The MagNA Pure 24 Total NA Isolation Kit reduces complexity by enabling extraction of nucleic acids from9 different sample types (see below) with one universal reagent kit. Each kit is:

  • Resealable for later use, reducing consumable waste
  • Barcoded to simplify inventory tracking
  • Compatible with a multitude of external lysis buffers, expanding the range of applications

Convenience and confidence built right in

Confidence in your eluate is everything when it comes to molecular testing. The MagNA Pure 24 System is IVD labeled and comes with surveillance features to ensure the highest quality of eluate while reducing human error. Features include:

  • Barcode readers for inventory management and component load check Intuitive interface to guide run setup (See Figure 2)
  • Audit-enabled software for user troubleshooting
  • Safety features such as liquid level detection, safety interlock, and UV Lamp