KAPA Adapters


KAPA UDI Adapters

KAPA Universal Adapter



KAPA Universal Adapter

KAPA Universal UMI Adapter

Number of UDIs (unique dual-indexes)



Number of 8-nt non-redundant P5 + P7 barcodes

96 + 96 384 + 384

Barcodes identical to those used in adapters supplied by Illumina

No(1) No(1)

Recommended for all Illumina instruments with patterned or non-patterned flow cells

Yes Yes

PCR-free library preparation

Yes No

Molecular barcoded

No No No

Suitable for:

KAPA HyperPrep and HyperPlus

KAPA RNA HyperPrep

KAPA HyperCap













Compatible with KAPA Universal Enhancing Oligos

Yes Yes

Adapter formulation

Full-length, ready-to-use, 15 μM
4 reactions/adapter(3)

Truncated, ready-to-use, 15 μM
1 reaction/adapter(3)

Truncated, ready-to-use, 33 μM
1 reaction/adapter(3)

Kit configuration

Hard-shell 96-well plate with automation-friendly labelling, overfills and replacement seals(4)

Adapter tube and hard-shell 96-well primer mixes plates with automation-friendly labeling, overage and replacement seals(4)

KAPA Adapter Dilution Buffer

Yes (25 mL per kit)

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(1)The sets of 192 and 768 barcode sequences used in KAPA UDI Adapters and KAPA UDI Primer Mixes (respectively) are exclusive to Roche and different between the two sets.

(2) Theoretically possible but not fully tested.

(3) This is sufficient for four or one library preps (KAPA UDI Adapter plate or KAPA UDI Primer Mixes plate, respectively) with the KAPA HyperPrep or KAPA HyperPlus Kit if no adapter dilution is required. Generous overfill supports use on automated liquid handling systems.

(4)KAPA UDI Primer Mixes and KAPA Adapter plates are shipped with peelable seals. Replacement seals (three per plate) are peelable and pierceable. 

* KAPA Universal Adapters, KAPA Universal UMI Adapters and KAPA UDI Adapters are not compatible with methyl-seq applications.