KAPA Adapters for
Illumina Sequencing

KAPA Unique Dual-Index (UDI) and KAPA Dual-Indexed (DI) Adapter Kits each contain 96 dual-indexed adapters, formulated at 15 µM in KAPA Adapter Dilution Buffer. Adapters are plated in hard-shell PCR plates and shipped with peelable sealing film. Twenty microliters of each adapter is supplied. This is enough for 4 library preparations with any KAPA DNA or RNA library preparation kit if standard protocols are followed and no adapter dilution is required. All kits are shipped with three (3) replacement films.  KAPA Adapter Dilution Buffer (25 ml) is included in all complete kits, or may be ordered as a stand-alone kit.

KAPA Adapters have been validated for use with KAPA HyperPrep Kits, KAPA HyperPlus Kits, KAPA RNA  HyperPrep Kits, as well as the HyperCap Workflow with Roche Universal Blocking Oligos.

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KAPA Adapters are not methylated and are not suitable for Methyl-Seq applications. SeqCap Adapter Kits may be used in combination with KAPA library construction kits in bisulfite sequencing workflows that require the ligation of methylated adapters during library construction.