Library Preparation Accessories


Library preparation for next generation sequencing (NGS) involves several steps – fragmentation of nucleic acids to required lengths, end repair and ligation of adapters to ends of target sequences, library amplification and quantification. A critical step in DNA and RNA library construction is to select for DNA fragments of appropriate size and to remove adapter dimers. Adapter quality and bead performance can have a profound impact on the outcome of library construction, particularly when working with low-input and challenging samples.

Roche Sequencing Solutions offers high-quality KAPA Pure Beads and KAPA Adapters that are functionally tested for NGS library construction. They are supplied as stand-alone products to support flexibility.


High-quality adapters for multiplexed sequencing on 2- and 4-channel Illumina® instruments, with patterned or non-patterned flow cells. Compatible with all KAPA Hyper library preparation kits, the HyperCap Workflow with Roche Universal Blocking Oligos, and PCR-free workflows.

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KAPA Pure Beads

With a tunable, automation-friendly and highly consistent solution for reaction purification and size selection, the KAPA Pure Beads provide a seamless integration into DNA and RNA NGS library construction workflows.

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KAPA HyperPure Beads

KAPA HyperPure Beads offer a tunable and highly consistent solution for a size selection and reaction purification in DNA library construction workflows for next-generation sequencing.

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