A new paradigm of convenience and performance in enzymatic DNA library preparation

KAPA EvoPlus is a new enzymatic DNA library preparation solution designed to rival the gold-standard performance of mechanical-shearing methods while delivering unparalleled convenience for whole-genome (WGS), whole-exome (WES), and targeted sequencing applications performed on Illumina sequencing systems.

While enzymatic fragmentation is favored for the gains in efficiency, minimized sample loss, and ease of scalability that the method affords over mechanical-shearing, it has yet to achieve the same level of data quality. Enzymatic approaches often produce sequencing artifacts that obscure usable findings, thus forcing labs to trade performance for convenience. KAPA EvoPlus is an evolution in enzymatic library preparation that brings new levels of performance to enzymatic fragmentation, allowing labs to realize even greater convenience without sacrificing performance.

  • Realize new levels of productivity
  • Minimize fragmentation bottlenecks
  • Preserve the mutation signature of precious samples, including FFPET and bacterial DNA 
  • Scale and adapt to automation workflows with ease

Realize new levels of productivity

  • Reduce hands-on steps, increase walk-away time, and minimize errors with ready-to-use ReadyMix reagents in color-coded vials and plates
  • Produce sequencing-ready (or target-capture-ready) libraries in 1.5 to 2.5 hours
  • Experience a faster workflow with one-step fragmentation and A-tailing

Minimize fragmentation bottlenecks

  • Obtain repeatable fragmentation profiles from low- and high-quality DNA, including crudely extracted FFPE DNA (Figure 2)
  • Experience the versatility of broad inhibitor tolerance across a variety of buffers (Figure 3)
  • Reliably fragment input amounts ranging from 10 ng to 500 ng (Figure 4)

Preserve the mutation signature of precious samples

Sequencing artifacts alter the true mutation signature of samples and reduce sequencing coverage and uniformity, leading to additional sequencing runs, inflated costs, and the investment of more effort to realize actionable results. KAPA EvoPlus outperforms leading enzymatic fragmentation kits, resulting in reduced artifacts—even delivering results comparable to gold-standard mechanical shearing. With KAPA EvoPlus, labs can act with confidence on their results.

  • Have confidence in the high-precision variant detection provided by KAPA EvoPlus (Figure 5)
  • Obtain reliable sequencing coverage with near-zero strand-split artifact reads (SSARs) (Figure 6)
  • Attain sequence uniformity similar to mechanical shearing, reducing sequencing bias across the AT/GC spectrum (Figure 7)

Scale and Adapt to Automation Workflows with Ease

KAPA EvoPlus is designed to enable fast and easy scalability of any workflow. Automation is made
easier with reduced workflow steps, generous reagent overage, 24 hour benchtop stability, and a choice
of 24-reaction, 96-reaction, or 384-reaction tube or 96-well plated PCR or PCR-free formulations.

Ask about our consultative support service for customizing KAPA automation protocols with our
dedicated NGS Automation Support Team.

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Scale and Adapt to Automation Workflows with Ease