LightCycler­® 96 Instrument

High-performance real-time PCR

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approx. 55 lb (25 kg)


W x D x H: 16 in x 16 in x 21 in (40 cm x 40 cm x 53 cm)

Noise level during run

43 dB(A)


Thermal cycling system

Peltier-based, 96-well block

Max ramp rate heating


Average ramp rate cooling


Programmable temperature range


Temperature accuracy

±0.2°C of programmed target temperature

Tm uniformity

Range (max-min) 0.4°C; STD <0.1

Gradient function


Gradient operational range


Gradient programmable span (X-Y °C)

Max. 20°C gradient range


High-power broad spectrum LED

Measurement (Integration time)

Simultaneous data acquisition for all positions in 10-1000 ms (dynamic mode)


CCD Camera

Optical system

Fixed fiber optics with four excitation and four emission filters

No scanning technologies

Cq uniformity

Range (max-min) 0.8; STD <0.2 (enabling resolution of 2-fold concentration differences)

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Run Mode


Touchscreen support for instrument configuration

Flexible experiment programming and execution

Online fluorescence display

PC connected

PC monitoring, analysis tools, and programming

LAN connected

Support of online monitoring using LAN connection

Support of remote Roche Service

External devices

Support of external barcode scanner using USB connection

Instrument active communication

Email notification, with success or failure messaging and optional experiment file attachment

Electrical approvals


Reaction volumes

10-50 μl

Sample format

96-well, 8-tube strips


<40 min for 3-step, 40-cycle PCR

Melting measurement

Continuous with 1-25 data points/°C


Licensed for real-time PCR


Dynamic range

10 orders of magnitude

Range of excitation/emission wavelengths (X-Y nm)

470/514 (SYBR, FAM, ResoLight dye)

533/572 (VIC, Hex, Yellow555)

577/620 (Red610, Texas Red)

645/697 (Cy5)

Detection formats

Intercalating dyes (SYBR Green I, ResoLight dye): Hydrolysis Probes

Multiplex analysis (e.g., up to X targets per well)

Up to 4 channels, pre-calibrated color compensation (no user interaction necessary) All channels can be viewed by the software in one chart simultaneously or viewed in 4 charts separately on one screen

Additional dye available

For mono color experiments, any dye between 500 and 720 nm emission wavelength can be used

For dual color experiments, only pre-calibrated dyes are usable

Passive reference dyes (e.g., Rox) necessary


Analysis Software

Operating systems

Win 7 or Win XP

Data analysis

Absolute Quantification

Relative Quantification

Tm Calling

Endpoint Genotyping

Qual Detection *


(* Coming Soon)

Data export

Result table: export as .txt file Charts: Data and image export

Data import

Sample information can be imported from Excel, .csv, or .txt files

Failure flagging

Automated flagging of critical controls (e.g., positive control is negative or negative control is positive)

User definable flagging for further criteria (e.g., standard curve with error greater than X)