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Even the most advanced genomics laboratories are constrained by labor-intensive, time-consuming NGS library preparation workflows; as a result, many labs now rely on automation. However, the initial adoption of automated NGS workflows on a liquid handling system typically requires a unique combination of experience in advanced automation and script writing, and the optimization and maintenance of these systems can require a great deal of time and other resources.

Now, with AVENIO Edge System for automated NGS, everyone in the lab can benefit from easy-to-use, automated NGS that simplifies the complexity of library prep automation while freeing up hours of time for other projects.

Sarah is a lab technician who is responsible for performing many complex projects that require her full attention, including NGS library prep– not one of her favorite tasks. Sarah would love to automate her NGS workflows, but she just doesn’t have time to learn a complicated new system and optimize the workflows.

Nate is a lab manager who orchestrates the day-to-day activities in the lab, prioritizes projects, and oversees general lab operations. Although he manages the laboratory staff, including Sarah, he sometimes joins them at the bench -- especially when project deadlines are looming. Nate is also responsible for evaluating new technologies to determine if they are a good fit for his lab, as well as ensuring that existing instrumentation is maintained.

Kevin is an in-house automation engineer who has many years of robotics experience. He supports all the labs in his organization that operate automated liquid handlers, including Nate’s. An important part of his job is to work with both the automation vendors and the lab operators to implement and optimize new automated solutions. Kevin is an expert in what he does, but unfortunately he is the only automation specialist in the organization and there are many complex projects that require the support of an automation expert.

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