ChIP Sequencing


Identifies global binding sites of DNA-associated proteins and epigenetic patterns.

Chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) combined with high-throughput sequencing analysis (ChIP-sequencing or ChIP-seq), is a powerful technology for identifying global binding sites of DNA-associated proteins, as well as changes in epigenetic patterns.  ChIP is an antibody-based technique used to enrich DNA molecules that interact directly with proteins, including transcription factors, replication-related proteins, and histones. Downstream library preparation and sequencing enables researchers to better understand how transcription factors and other chromatin-associated proteins regulate gene expression and epigenetic modifications.

Why ChIP-seq?

  • Generates genome-wide profiles for DNA-binding proteins and histone modifications to better understand transcriptional and epigenetic gene regulation, functioning of gene regulatory networks and epigenome maps
  • Provides greater coverage, higher resolution, less noise and lesser sample requirements when compared with array-based methods (ChIP-chip)


How does ChIP-seq work?

ChIP-seq leverages reversible crosslinking between DNA and proteins in the presence of formaldehyde to form a stable complex. After crosslinking, chromatin is sheared and the DNA-protein complex is immunoprecipitated using antibodies specific to the protein. Crosslinks are then reversed and DNA is sequenced. The amount of enriched DNA available for sequencing analysis is often limited in this method and therefore, the construction of high-quality libraries from low-input samples is critical.

Roche Sequencing Solutions offers an entire suite of library preparation, amplification and quantitation kits to provide researchers with increased yields of their adapter-ligated library molecules and reduced amplification bias. This ultimately leads to a more diverse library, lower duplication rates, and more uniform coverage for low-input applications such as ChIP-seq.


Available Products by Workflow
Workflow Step

Library Preparation

KAPA HyperPrep Kits

KAPA Library Preparation Kits (Ion Torrent)

KAPA HTP/LTP Library Preparation Kits

  • High-quality library construction from low-input CHIP samples


Library Amplification

KAPA Library Amplification Kits

  •  High-efficiency, low-bias amplification for improved sequencing coverage

Library Quantification

KAPA Library Quantification Kits

  • Accurate quantification of adapter-ligated molecules prior to sample pooling and cluster generation or template preparation for optimal sequencing results