Roche Sequencing at AACR 2022

April 8th - April 13th | New Orleans, LA


Roche Sequencing at AACR 2022

We are thrilled to gather in New Orleans for AACR 2022. Stop by booth 1828, we'll be introducing the Digital LightCycler® System for DNA and RNA analysis, our AVENIO Tumor Tissue CGP kit and our KAPA HyperPETE portfolio (Primer Extension Target Enrichment).  We’ll also be featuring our KAPA Library Prep portfolio (RNA, DNA and Custom kits).

Meeting Venue: Ernest N. Morial Convention Center, New Orleans, Louisiana

Booth hours (CDT)

  • Sunday, April 10 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM
  • Monday, April 11 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Tues, April 12 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Weds, April 13 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM


An Introduction to the Roche Digital LightCycler® System
for DNA and RNA analysis

Date: Monday, April 11th
Time: 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM (CDT) | Lunch will be serve
Location: Theater D in the Exhibitor Spotlight Theater area (located across from the advocacy pavillion)

Abstract: We will introduce the Digital LightCycler® System, a digital qPCR system for DNA and RNA with 6-color capability for flexible, multiplexed biomarker detection. This system-—a desktop partitioning engine and benchtop analyzer—uses highly concentrated (5x) master mixes to support a wide array of assays with fast, easy workflows. Three configurations of consumables are available to meet varied application needs, including high sample volume for cfDNA screening or a greater number of partitions for high-resolution CNV analysis. We will also present data that demonstrates the sensitive performance of the Digital LightCycler® System.

Speaker: Simran Saini, PhD
Principal Scientist II, Sequencing Workflows,
Applications and Technology, Roche

Featured Products

Introducing the Digital LightCycler® System*

The Digital LightCycler® System is designed to enable lab flexibility specific to your application of focus. Simultaneously perform thousands of PCR reactions from a single sample.  Achieve increased specificity and sensitivity with flexible batch sizes all with a simplified workflow using the Digital LightCycler® System.  

Key differentiators:

  • LightCycler® brand 
  • 3 nanowell plate types
  • 6 detection channels
  • 5x concentration of DNA and RNA Master Mix Reagents
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Bring the Power of Foundation Medicine®
and Roche into Your Lab

The AVENIO Tumor Tissue CGP Kit is an in-house next-generation sequencing (NGS) research assay that provides comprehensive genomic profiling of solid tumors from formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue samples. Designed to match the content of the 324-gene FoundationOne® CDx panel, the kit leverages the proven technology of Foundation Medicine and Roche’s expertise to help your lab obtain reliable genomic insights.

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Picture of a DNA strand in blue and green colors

KAPA HyperPETE Target Enrichment Portfolio for NGS

Combine the performance of hybrid-capture with the simplicity and short turnaround time of amplicon-based workflows with primer extension target enrichment (PETE) technology. KAPA HyperPETE is optimized to detect all major somatic variants in cfDNA, FFPE, and RNA samples, including SNVs, short indels, CNVs, MSI, and fusion transcripts (novel and known).

  • Interrogate difficult regions by leveraging Roche’s expertise in panel content and design
  • Save valuable time and resources with single-day, automatable workflows
  • Increase analysis efficiency with focused, high-uniformity panel design and no need for primer trimming
  • Preserve precious samples and improve sensitivity by avoiding the need to split panels
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KAPA Library Prep (RNA, DNA and custom kits)

  • KAPA DNA Library Preparation Kits provide efficient, time-saving solutions optimized to preserve the unique mutation signature of samples across a wide range of sample inputs, sequencing applications, and throughput strategies.  Ask us about our custom solutions!
  • KAPA RNA HyperPrep Kit portfolio for RNA library prep provides single-day, single-tube library preparation, yielding high-performance libraries even from low-input and degraded samples. Choose solutions for mRNA enrichment and for the depletion of rRNA, globin mRNA, and/or user-defined targets.

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