Roche Sequencing at the virtual AACR 2021 Annual Meeting

Roche Sequencing at the virtual AACR 2021 Annual Meeting

Virtual Meeting Dates

  • April 10 - 15, 2021 (week 1)
  • May 17 - 21, 2021 (week 2)

We're looking forward to virtually connecting with you at this year's AACR Annual Meeting. Roche Sequencing will be featuring our powerful collection of tools to accelerate cancer research through genome analysis, enabling you to uncover mutations that lead to the initiation, progression, and proliferation of tumors. From precise tumor dissection to targeted sequencing of the genome—including known or suspected oncogenic regions and ctDNA—we have robust solutions that will help focus your preclinical research:

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Product Demo: AVENIO Millisect System


Join us for an on-demand demo of our automated FFPE tissue-dissection system in action:

The AVENIO Millisect System is an automated, high-performance FFPE tissue-dissection system that enables the precise and consistent recovery of tissue areas of interest for molecular pathology. Easily integrated into a variety of clinical workflow configurations, the AVENIO Millisect System can help labs efficiently extract more clinically relevant information from every sample. 


Visit the product demo area from the main exhibit page located in the AACR Virtual Meeting platform.

Speaker: Teri Rambo Mueller
Field Application Consultant, Roche Sequencing and Life Science

Teri has a B.S. in Biology and Marine Sciences from the University of Alabama and has been with Roche for 13 years. She started her career at Clemson University and University of Arizona, working on the rice genome project and other genomes and has been working in genomics for over 21 years.

Featured Products

KAPA Target Enrichment

  • KAPA Target Enrichment probes, produced using KAPA HiFi in a new manufacturing process and built on more than a decade's experience in probe design and deployment for hybrid capture
  • KAPA HyperExome, a comprehensive-yet-compact panel for sensitive, reliable exome sequencing; includes 387 sample-tracking SNPs
  • KAPA HyperChoice and KAPA HyperExplore, custom panels for targeting regions specific to your cancer research
  • KAPA HyperCap Workflow v3, a fast, automation-friendly targeted NGS library preparation workflow


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KAPA Library Prep (RNA, DNA and custom kits)

  • KAPA RNA HyperPrep Kit portfolio for RNA library prep provides single-day, single-tube library preparation, yielding high performance libraries even from low-input and degraded samples. The versatile portfolio includes solutions for mRNA enrichment, rRNA depletion, globin depletion, and custom depletion of other high-expressors.
  • KAPA HyperPrep Kit and HyperPlus Kit for DNA library prep offers high performance with whole-genome and targeted sequencing, PCR-free workflows with HyperPrep, and high-quality data, even from low-quality samples.
  • Solutions for custom library prep. If your moderate- to high-throughput library preparation workflows would be enhanced by library kit customization, reach out to our team of Genome Specialists so we can find the right solution to meet your needs.
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AVENIO Millisect System

Optimized to fit easily into a variety of clinical workflow configurations, the automated, high-performance AVENIO Millisect System provides precise and consistent recovery of FFPE tissue areas of interest with high efficiency. This can help you extract the most clinically relevant information from every sample.

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AVENIO NGS Oncology Assays

AVENIO family of NGS oncology assays for plasma and FFPE tumor tissue provide a dynamic, comprehensive genomic profile of solid tumors through the analysis of both ctDNA and FFPE tumor tissue.

For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Diagnostic Procedures.

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Ask a Scientist Video Series

A collection of short videos — to help answer your NGS questions and offer guidance for getting the most out of every sample, including DNA, RNA, and target-enriched NGS libraries.



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