Roche Sequencing at the CGC 2021 Virtual Annual Meeting

Roche Sequencing at the CGC 2021 Virtual Annual Meeting

Our scientists and and the rest of our team are looking forward to connecting with you at the virtual CGC (Cancer Genomics Consortium) 2021 Virtual Annual Meeting in August. We will be featuring our powerful collection of NGS tools to accelerate cancer research through genome analysis, helping you to identify tumor-associated mutations through multiple target-enrichment workflows, ctDNA analysis, and straightforward data interpretation using the NAVIFY Mutation Profiler.

From precise tumor dissection to targeted sequencing of the genome—including known or suspected oncogenic regions and ctDNA—we have robust solutions that will help focus your preclinical research, including:

  • KAPA Target Enrichment portfolio—offering you the sensitivity and specificity to find rare cancer-associated variants, whether you’re looking in the exome or in known disease-associated regions of the genome, with new KAPA HyperPETE Panels* (with primer extension capture-and-release technology) and KAPA Target Enrichment Probes (for hybridization-based capture)
  • AVENIO Millisect system—providing precise, automated dissection of tumor tissue from FFPE samples
  • AVENIO family of NGS oncology assays—identifying cancer-associated variants from ctDNA or tumor tissue
  • KAPA Library Preparation—helping you analyze cancer through RNA or DNA sequencing
  • NAVIFY Mutation Profiler— enabling simpler interpretation of NGS data for cancer research

Vendor Showcase Presentation

Title: HyperPETE*: A Novel Primer Extension Target Enrichment Solution for Rapid and Reliable Variant Detection Results

Date:          Tuesday, August 3rd
Time:          6:15pm
Duration:    25 minutes

This presentation will include:

  • An overview of KAPA HyperPETE* Panel technology
  • Preliminary data on KAPA HyperPETE* catalog somatic oncology panels, including somatic cfDNA, somatic tissue DNA and somatic tissue RNA

This presentation will be available during Session 7, within the CGC 2021 meeting platform.

Speaker: Brian Godwin
Director, Sample Prep Reagent Development
Roche Sequencing Solutions

Scientific Poster

Check out our virtual poster in the CGC poster hall:

HyperPETE*: A Novel Primer Extension Target Enrichment Solution for Rapid and High-Performing NGS Results

Florence Crary-Dooley¹*, Liu Xi¹*, Nitya Furtado¹, Jingchuan Li¹, Latha Ramaswamy¹, Liesl Joubert², Bronwen Miller², David Penkler², Jo-Anne Penkler², Etienne Slabbert², Marius Snyman², Mingyang Cai¹, Liang Feng¹, Ruben van der Merwe¹, Brian Godwin¹
¹ Roche Sequencing Solutions, Pleasanton, CA 94588, ² Roche Sequencing Solutions, Cape Town, South Africa 7925, *contributed equally

We developed HyperPETE*, a novel target enrichment technology and reagent kit that employs primer extension reactions to specifically capture and release target library molecules for sequencing. The combined library preparation and enrichment steps can be performed within a single workday, result in high-performance coverage uniformity, detect all major somatic variant types (SNV, CNV, InDel, MSI status, and novel fusion transcript partners), and can be performed on tissue DNA, plasma DNA, and tissue RNA samples.

Here we show results from plasma DNA, FFPET DNA, and FFPET RNA samples processed with our HyperPETE* workflow and reagent kit† , and then analyzed with our in-house analysis pipeline. The HyperPETE* product† delivers the high performance of a hybridization capture technology with a faster turnaround time, enabling researchers to go from sample to answer rapidly and reliably.

Featured Products

Picture of a DNA strand in blue and green colors

NEW KAPA HyperPETE* Panels for targeted NGS

  • A novel, single-day NGS target enrichment technology that will be available later this year 
  • Designed to employ target-specific primer extension to capture and release target library molecules in a combined library preparation and enrichment step, resulting in:
    • high-performance coverage uniformity;
    • detection of all major somatic variant types (SNV, CNV, InDel, and gene fusions);
    • identification of novel fusion transcripts; and
    • measurement of MSI status
  • Compatible with tissue DNA, plasma DNA, and tissue RNA
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KAPA Target Enrichment probes for hybrid capture target enrichment

  • KAPA HyperChoice and KAPA HyperExplore, custom panels for targeting regions specific to your cancer research
  • KAPA HyperExome, a comprehensive-yet-compact panel for sensitive, reliable exome sequencing; includes 387 sample-tracking SNPs
  • KAPA HyperCap Workflow v3, a fast, automation-friendly targeted NGS library preparation workflow that includes KAPA HyperPrep or KAPA HyperPlus Library Preparation Kits


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AVENIO Millisect System for precise tissue dissection

Optimized to fit easily into a variety of clinical workflow configurations, the automated, high-performance AVENIO Millisect System provides precise, consistent recovery of FFPE tissue areas of interest with high efficiency. This IVD System can help you extract the most clinically relevant information from every sample.

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AVENIO NGS Oncology Assays for ctDNA and FFPE tumor tissue

AVENIO family of NGS oncology assays for plasma and FFPE tumor tissue provide a dynamic, comprehensive genomic profile of solid tumors through the analysis of both ctDNA and FFPE tumor tissue.

AVENIO family of  NGS oncology assays are for Research Use Only. Not for Use in Diagnostic Procedures.

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NAVIFY Mutation Profiler (NMP) for tertiary NGS analysis

NAVIFY Mutation Profiler increases lab efficiency and enables scalability by reducing curation time and automating report generation, accelerating the interpretation of mutation significance

  • Assay- and instrument-agnostic: built with your lab in mind, NMP’s unique flexibility allows you to easily incorporate your current testing into our analysis software
  • Curated knowledge base: NMP offers a robust knowledge base using commonly referenced medical and scientific resources, curated and annotated by our team of scientists while providing flexibility in your own institution’s interpretation.
  • Curated hematological content: Recent knowledge base expansion includes the curation of content for over 48 hematological malignancies, including over 18,000 biomarkers for heme content...with more to come!

NAVIFY Mutation Profiler is for Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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KAPA Library Prep (RNA, DNA and custom kits)

  • KAPA RNA HyperPrep Kit portfolio for RNA library prep provides single-day, single-tube library preparation, yielding high-performance libraries even from low-input and degraded samples. Includes solutions for mRNA enrichment and for the depletion of rRNA, globin mRNA, and/or user-defined targets
  • KAPA HyperPrep Kit and HyperPlus Kit for DNA library prep offer high performance with WGS and targeted sequencing, PCR-free workflows (KAPAHyperPrep), and high-quality data, even from low-quality samples.
  • Solutions for custom library prep. If your moderate- to high-throughput library preparation workflows would be enhanced by library kit customization, reach out to our team of Genome Specialists so we can find the right solution to meet your needs.
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Ask a Scientist Video Series

A collection of short videos — to help answer your NGS questions and offer guidance for getting the most out of every sample, including DNA, RNA, and target-enriched NGS libraries.



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