Be a part of cutting-edge research in sequencing and genomics with Roche Sequencing Solutions

We are pioneers in sequencing and innovators in genomics. We are striving to bring end-to-end solutions from sample collection to data analysis in next-generation sequencing. Our research team is based in Madison and Pleasanton focusing on bringing simple, automated and innovative workflows for sequencing and genomics.

The Pleasanton team is working on innovative, sample preparation and library construction approaches, with a focus on single molecule sequencing. We will explore ways to integrate the sample preparation chemistries with MEMS devices to create new workflow automation solutions. In collaboration with other teams, we will explore solid-state nanostructures for their feasibility to be used as future generation DNA sequencing sensors.


Our Madison team is focused on developing target enrichment solutions for next-generation sequencing. Our technologies allow researchers to selectively target DNA or RNA sequences of interest in human or non-human genomes, either through focused exomes, transcriptomes or custom designed gene panels for variant discovery and validation. With our ever-growing suite of tools for targeted DNA sequencing, we are enabling the life science community to achieve their research goals more efficiently in order to understand the association genomics and epigenomics have with diseases and biological processes.