Innovation through Collaboration

Roche Sequencing has partnerships, collaborations and investments in a number of projects with companies and institutions focused on next-generation sequencing. Learn more about how our team is involved with everyone from researchers, academic institutions to commercial partners. 

Roche and Kapa Biosystems have partnered to provide an optimized NGS target enrichment workflow solution for both DNA and RNA Sequencing. Kapa Biosystems is constantly evolving better science by applying the latest advances in genomics and synthetic biology to help reduce costs, simplify workflows and improve results. Kapa Biosystems offers a portfolio of high-performance reagents that contain novel enzymes, engineered via directed evolution, that confer significant performance advantages when compared to traditional wild-type enzymes. Many of the products are optimized for challenging samples and high-throughput workflows, and include pre-validated scripts using the leading liquid handling automation platforms.

Roche has invested in Stratos Genomics and entered into a research collaboration to support further development of their unique chemistry applied to single molecule sequencing of DNA fragments using protein nanopores. During this collaboration, a focused research team at Roche will work with Stratos scientists to support the development of efficient, low-cost sample preparation methods for DNA Xpandomers™ and also improve sequencing performance, by leveraging Roche’s expertise in protein design, polymerase mutagenesis, modified nucleotide chemistries and rare reagent manufacturing.

Roche and the Garvan Institute of Medical Research are collaborating to develop new technologies for targeted epigenomic analysis using DNA sequencing. The Garvan Institute of Medical Research was founded in 1963. Initially a research department of St Vincent's Hospital in Sydney, it is now one of Australia's largest medical research institutions with over 600 scientists, students and support staff. Garvan's main research areas are: Cancer, Diabetes & Metabolism, Immunology & Inflammation, Osteoporosis & Bone Biology, and Neuroscience. Garvan's mission is to make significant contributions to medical science that will change the directions of science and medicine and have major impacts on human health. The outcome of Garvan's discoveries is the development of better methods of diagnosis, treatment, and ultimately, prevention of disease.

Roche obtained exclusive rights to a primer extension based target enrichment technology and associated patent applications from AbVitro. AbVitro and Roche scientists are collaborating on the development and application of the technology into Roche’s sequencing workflow. AbVitro is a therapeutic target discovery company, with a unique technology platform that leverages natural immune responses to address diseases with unmet medical needs. Based on technology developed by the visionary George Church at Harvard Medical School, AbVitro's technology allows for the identification of complete, natively paired B cell antibodies and T cell receptors across millions of single cells at unprecedented resolution. This high-throughput single-cell immune sequencing technology is then used to identify novel therapeutic targets and antibodies to cancer and autoimmune diseases.