SeqCap RNA System


Product Overview

Applying concepts similar to those demonstrated by the best-in-class technical performance of the SeqCap EZ products; Roche NimbleGen has pioneered target enrichment of RNA. Depending on your transcriptome region of interest, a series of SeqCap RNA products are available to you:

SeqCap lncRNA Enrichment Kit is designed to capture 17 Mb of long non-coding RNA (lncRNA) targets from hg19 annotation, representing 32,808 lncRNA and TUCP (transcripts with unknown coding potential) lncRNA transcript isoforms.

SeqCap RNA Choice Enrichment Kits are a custom solution for targeted capture in human against the genes or transcripts of interest. SeqCap RNA Choice targets up to 7 Mb of design size, SeqCap RNA Choice XL targets 7 Mb to 100 Mb of design size. 

SeqCap RNA Developer Enrichment Kits are a custom solution for targeted capture in non-human organisms or non-conventional enrichment against the genes or transcripts of interest. These kits can support up to 200Mb of target size.


  • Discover with More Confidence: Achieve unprecedented depth and sensitivity for rare transcript detection with effectively conserved transcript abundance
  • Broaden Your Research Scope: Maximize the discovery and characterization of novel exons, splicing variants, mutations and gene fusions through the ability to target your transcripts of interest with up to 200Mb custom designs
  • Experience Superior Efficiency: Dramatically increase your sample capacity with the same amount of sequencing and enjoy a greatly simplified workflow that enables pre-capture multiplexing
  • Utilize industry-leading expertise in less well annotated genomes