SeqCap EZ HE-Oligo Kit B

SeqCap HE-Oligo Kit B
Description Catalog Number Pack Size
SeqCap EZ HE-Oligo Kit B 06777317001 8 reactions x 12 oligo

For life science research only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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Product Description

The SeqCap EZ HE-Oligo Kit B is used to block library adapters in hybridization to prevent secondary capture.

The SeqCap EZ HE-Oligo Kit B is intended for customers performing sequence capture and using Illumina Sequencing Systems. It includes hybridization enhancing (HE) oligos for barcoding 1 to 12 samples corresponding to Illumina’s TruSeq Library Kit B; each HE oligo can be used for 8 separate reactions. It is intended for barcoding 13 or more samples in multiplex experiments when SeqCap EZ HE-Oligo Kit A has been used to barcode samples 1 to 12. To ensure proper matches in the hybridization step, the DNA Adapter Index from the Adapter Kit B correspond to the HE Oligo from this kit.