KAPA HTP Library Preparation Kit

KAPA HTP Library Preparation Kit

Product Overview

The KAPA Library Preparation Kit is available for your workflow convenience. This library construction solution is designed to work with the SeqCap Adapter Kits to provide optimal results for your SeqCap target enrichment experiments.

Description Catalog Number Pack Size
KAPA High Throughput Library Preparation Kit 07138008001
96 reactions

For life science research only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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Product Description

The KAPA High Throughput Library Preparation Kit is intended for DNA library construction for customers performing NimbleGen sequence capture with Illumina sequencing systems. This 96 reaction kit is intended for medium to high throughput users and contains all the necessary reagents, except adapters and pre-capture LM-PCR oligos, for creation of 96 libraries.


  • Achieve greater molecular complexity. KAPA's enzymes and with-bead protocol enable a higher yield of adapter ligated library molecules.
  • Minimize DNA sample input. The optimized workflow enables you to start with as little as 10 ng input DNA.
  • Improve sequencing results. Reduced PCR bias of AT- and GC- rich genomic regions and other difficult regions offers higher and more uniform coverage of your target.
  • Scale up your research. Pool multiple samples into one enrichment reaction, or create up to 96 libraries at once.