SeqCap EZ Exome Plus


Product Overview

The SeqCap EZ Exome Plus Kit, as part of the SeqCap EZ Enrichment System, enables enrichment of 64 Mb of coding exons and miRNA regions, plus up to 200 Mb of custom targets.

Description Catalog Number
SeqCap EZ Exome Plus 06740189001
SeqCap EZ Exome Plus 06740235001
SeqCap EZ Exome Plus 06740243001

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New! SeqCap EZ HyperCap Workflow User's Guide v1.0 

The SeqCap EZ system can now be used with the SeqCap EZ HyperCap Workflow. The HyperCap workflow provides an integrated, application-specific approach for efficient, streamlined and automatable targeted sequencing solution. It combines high-efficiency KAPA Hyper Prep and KAPA HyperPlus Library Preparation Kits with performance-optimized SeqCap EZ capture protocol.

For life science research only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Product Description

SeqCap EZ Exome Plus Library exhibits high performance capture efficiency. The data shown below compares two custom SeqCap EZ Exome Plus capture designs of 74 Mb (64Mb exome + 10Mb custom) and 64.25 Mb (64Mb exome + 250kb custom) in size.  Similar sequencing metrics illustrate consistent performance with the addition of custom capture targets of varying sizes.  



  • Customize your own target enrichment discovery tool by adding up to 200 Mb of custom target regions to SeqCap EZ Exome Kit v3.0.
  • Minimize sequencing costs with the superior capture efficiency of our 2.1M overlapping probes.
  • Discover more variants compared to all other target enrichment solutions.
Exomeplus Figure 1

Figure 1: Performance metrics of  SeqCap EZ Exome Plus Library. Using Illumina 2 x 76 bp reads and ~5 Gb sequencing per samples, two SeqCap EZ Exome Plus Libraries (74 Mb and 64.25 Mb custom captures) were compared for performance. The addition of custom capture tagets exhibits consistent performance, as shown by the similar results for each metric. 

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