SeqCap Epi CpGiant Enrichment Kit



The SeqCap Epi CpGiant Enrichment Kits, as part of the SeqCap Epi Enrichment System, enables the targeting of selected genomic regions from bisulfite treated genomic DNA in a single workflow. These kits can serve as a screening tool in order to identify specific regions in the genome for methylation variation assessment.

Description Catalog Number Pack Size
SeqCap Epi CpGiant Enrichment Kit 07138881001 4 Reactions
SeqCap Epi CpGiant Enrichment Kit 07138911001 48 Reactions
SeqCap Epi CpGiant Enrichment Kit 07138920001 384 Reactions

For life science research only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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Built on Roche NimbleGen’s industry-leading proprietary probe design and manufacturing technologies, the SeqCap Epi CpGiant Enrichment Kit is a fixed epigenome-wide design, that allows researchers to interrogate >5.5 million methylation sites per sample at single-nucleotide resolution.


  • Upgrade your research from microarrays to sequencing: Get the whole picture by interrogating more than 5.5 million CpGs compared to the 450K CpGs on the Illumina Infinium HumanMethylation450 BeadChip while enjoying the cost benefits of targeted bisulfite sequencing compared to Whole Genome Bisulfite Sequencing (WGBS).
  • Optimized design and workflow to effectively conserve epigenome complexity: The SeqCap Epi System’s advanced design algorithm coupled with the ability to manufacture millions of long oligonucleotide probes delivers superior target enrichment performance, which enables you to observe methylation changes on both strands while preserving the ability to decipher between SNPs vs. methylation events, with an industry leading sample input of just 1ug.
  • Maximize epigenetic discovery while minimizing sequencing costs: Reduce the sequencing output needed to verify methylation landscapes potentially responsible for disease and development by starting with the best studied CpG islands in the human genome.

Additional Information

Design Files

Download all design files!

The design files provide information about genomic regions covered by the SeqCap Epi CpGiant Enrichment Kit probes. These files were designed for use with the following Roche NimbleGen products:

  • SeqCap Epi CpGiant Enrichment Kit, 4 Reactions (Catalog No. 07138881001)
  • SeqCap Epi CpGiant Enrichment Kit, 48 Reactions (Catalog No. 07138911001)
  • SeqCap Epi CpGiant Enrichment Kit, 384 Reactions (Catalog No. 07138920001)


The SeqCap Epi CpGiant Enrichment Kit covers more than 5.5 million CpG’s in the human genome.

All the genome coordinates were based on human genome build GRCh37 (hg19). Millions of long oligonucleotide DNA probes were designed to capture the target regions and the total size of the capture is 80.5 Mb.

File Descriptions

The folder contains these three files:

  • 130912_HG19_CpGiant_4M_EPI.bed: This file contains the coverage intervals of the design in BED format.
  • 130912_HG19_CpGiant_4M_EPI_CpG.bed: This file contains all 5634094 CpGs that are found under the coverage regions in BED format.
  • 130912_HG19_CpGiant_4M_EPI.txt: This file contains information regarding the total number of regions captured and total size of the capture.

The BED files can be opened using SignalMap software from Roche NimbleGen.


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