NimbleGen SeqCap Target Enrichment

Roche NimbleGen is an innovator in genomics focused on developing target enrichment solutions for next-generation sequencing. NimbleGen technologies allow researchers to selectively target DNA sequences of interest in their genome of interest, human or non-human, either through focused exomes or custom designed gene panels, for variant discovery and validation. With a suite of tools for targeted DNA sequencing, bi-sulfite sequencing and transcriptome sequencing, we are enabling the life science community to achieve their research goals more efficiently in order to understand the association genomics and epigenomics have with diseases and biological processes.

SeqCap EZ System 

Superior target enrichment performance designed to discover more variants in whole-exome or custom regions of interest.

SeqCap EPI System

Utilize DNA methylation assessment at single-base resolution for broad discovery and focused research applications.

SeqCap RNA System

Specifically enrich transcripts of interest or use enrichment to offset the impact of most abundant transcripts with our proven conservation of transcript abundance with increased sequencing efficiency.

SeqCap EZ Reagents

Roche NimbleGen offers a comprehensive set of kits to support your target enrichment workflow in DNA Sequencing, RNA Sequencing and bisulfite converted DNA.