HEAT-Seq Enrichment Kits

Product Overview

HEAT-Seq Enrichment Systems provide an amplification-based enrichment method that combines a fast and easy workflow with powerful SNV detection for targeted resequencing applications in human genetic disease and cancer research. Employing an advanced version of Molecular Inversion Probe (MIP) technology, the HEAT-Seq Systems are available in catalog and custom formats, delivering reliable performance to enable researchers to get the most out of their time and resources.

HEAT-Seq Catalog Panels in our catalog are designed for various applications in cancer research:

·  The HEAT-Seq Oncology Panel targets the coding region of 60 common oncogenes. Ideal for new variant discovery and validation, this panel contains 5,144 probes, and has a capture target of 245 Kb.

·  The  HEAT-Seq Ultra Oncology HotSpot Panel is designed for the detection of variants in commonly targeted oncogenic hot spots.  Containing 635 probes and with a capture target of 30.5 Kb, this panel is highly scalable and well suited to  high-throughput applications where detection of low-frequency variants is critical.


HEAT-Seq Custom Designs enable enrichment of customized set of regions of interest using a database of empirically tested and balanced probes. Custom designs and are offered in two configurations for maximum flexibility:

·  HEAT-Seq Choice products offer the creation of custom designs for applications in human genetic disease and cancer. Designs may range in size between 140 and 20,000 probes.

·  HEAT-Seq Ultra Choice custom designs offer a special focus on common cancer genes. Designs are created using between 32 and 6,000 probes and are designed for low-frequency variant detection.   



For life science research only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures. Unless otherwise stated in references, all data on file.