SeqCap Accessory Kit V2


The SeqCap® EZ Accessory Kit V2, with 24 reactions, includes reagents and consumables required for performing sequence capture experiments using SeqCap EZ probe pools.

  • COT Human DNA is used to block repetitive regions in the genome during the hybridization step of the capture process
  • KAPA HiFi HotStart ReadyMix, TS-PCR Oligonucleotides 1&2 and PCR Grade Water are used to perform Ligation Mediated PCR (LM-PCR) during pre- and post-capture amplification of the DNA sample

The SeqCap EZ Accessory Kit V2, 96 reactions is packaged as a convenient set of four kits of SeqCap EZ Accessory Kit V2 with 24 reactions.

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SeqCap EZ Accessory Kit V2
24 reactions
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SeqCap EZ Accessory Kit V2
96 reactions
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