Reagents and Accessories


SeqCap® reagents and accessories provide a complete solution required for hybridization-based target enrichment.

Included are the SeqCap Adapter, Capture Bead and Accessory Kit V2 as well as Hybridization and Wash Kits, Oligo Kits and Developer Reagents. Roche Universal Blocking Oligos are also available.

Product Description Benefits

SeqCap® Accessory Kit V2

COT Human DNA and KAPA HiFi HotStart ReadyMix to perform sequence capture experiments using SeqCap EZ probe panels Blocks repetitive regions during hybridization and enables ligation-mediated PCR (LM-PCR)

SeqCap Adapter Kits

DNA library construction using KAPA Library Preparation Kits and KAPA Stranded RNA-Seq Library Preparation Kits
Facilitates precapture LM-PCR and sequencing on Illumina platforms

SeqCap Pure Capture Bead Kit

SeqCap Beads for recovery of captured DNA after hybridization and AMPure XP Beads to purify amplified LM-PCR products
Recovery of captured DNA and purification of amplified LM-PCR products
SeqCap Hybridization and Wash Kit Reagents for hybridization and wash steps to perform sequence capture experiments using SeqCap EZ probe panels
Hybridization of probes to DNA libraries and washing of hybridized libraries  
SeqCap Oligo Kits
Oligonucleotides to block library adapters in hybridization
Prevention of secondary capture

SeqCap EZ Developer Reagent

Reagent to block repetitive regions in the genome when Cot1 DNA is not available
Blocks repetitive regions during hybridization
Roche Universal Blocking Oligos Reagent to block dual- or single-indexed Illumina adapters
Eliminate the need for adapter-matched blocking oligos.