SeqCap EZ Exome Plus Kits


The SeqCap® EZ Exome Plus Kit enables you to add custom capture targets up to 200 Mb along with the enrichment of 64 Mb of coding exons and miRNA regions. In addition to design flexibility, the SeqCap EZ Exome Plus Library exhibits high performance capture efficiency. 

Features and Benefits of SeqCap EZ Exome Plus Kits

  • Customize and create your own target enrichment design by adding up to 200 Mb of custom target regions to SeqCap EZ Exome Kit v3.0
  • Minimize sequencing costs with the superior capture efficiency of our 2.1M overlapping probes
  • Discover more variants compared to other target enrichment solutions*


Product Highlights

  • Get high performance and capture efficiency with the addition of custom target capture regions
  • Streamline and automate your SeqCap EZ Exome Plus experiments by utilizing the SeqCap EZ HyperCap Workflow

*Data on file.

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SeqCap EZ Exome Plus
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SeqCap EZ Exome Plus
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SeqCap EZ Exome Plus
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