Hybridization-Based Target Enrichment


In  hybridization or capture-based target enrichment of samples prior to  next-generation sequencing (NGS), pools of biotinylated oligonucleotide probes specific for target regions of interest are hybridized to a sequencing library in solution. Next, the biotinylated probe/target hybrids are pulled down by streptavidin-coated magnetic beads to obtain libraries highly enriched for the target regions.

Roche Sequencing Solutions offers the SeqCap® target enrichment products, which use a solution-based capture method for target enrichment. Find target enrichment options for analyzing the whole exome (SeqCap EZ Exome) or specific disease-associated regions (SeqCap EZ MedExome), for investigating methylation changes (SeqCap Epi) or for studying transcriptomes (SeqCap RNA).

Features and Benefits of SeqCap target enrichment products

  • A simple, single-step target enrichment solution based on an optimized design algorithm
  • Various options for the enrichment of the whole exome or regions of  interest, bisulfite-treated DNA or RNA
  • A streamlined and automatable targeted sequencing solution using the SeqCap EZ HyperCap Workflow, which combines high-efficiency KAPA library preparation kits and the  performance-optimized SeqCap EZ capture protocol
  • Predesigned catalog options or custom designs based on specific requirements
  • An integrated, application-specific sample preparation solution

Available Products


SeqCap EZ Target Enrichment Kits

Based on a solution-based capture method, the SeqCap EZ Enrichment Kits enable the enrichment of the whole exome or medically relevant regions of interest. Both catalog and custom (user-defined) designs are available. You can also share or access predesigned custom panels shared by others.

Catalog (predesigned)
Custom (user-defined)
Shared Design

SeqCap EZ MedExome Kit

(47 Mb whole exome enrichment design)

SeqCap EZ Choice Kits

(capture up to 7 Mb custom regions)

SeqCap EZ Design

(Access predesigned custom panels developed by other researchers)

SeqCap EZ Exome v3.0 Kit

(64 Mb sequence capture design)

SeqCap EZ Choice XL Kits

(capture up to 200 Mb custom regions)


SeqCap EZ Exome Plus Kit

(64 Mb exome capture with the ability to add up to 200 Mb of custom targets)

SeqCap EZ Developer Kits

(capture up to 200 Mb custom regions from nonhuman genomes)


SeqCap EZ Exome +UTR Enrichment Kit

(96 Mb design)


SeqCap Epi Target Enrichment Kits

Built on our proprietary probe design and manufacturing technologies, the SeqCap Epi Target Enrichment Kits enable DNA methylation assessment at single-base resolution by enriching bisulfite-treated DNA. Both catalog and custom designs are available. You can also share or access predesigned custom panels shared by others.

Catalog (predesigned)
Custom (user-defined)
Shared Designs

SeqCap Epi CpGiant Kit

(fixed epigenome design to interrogate >5.5 million methylation sites)

SeqCap Epi Choice Kit

(target up to 90 Mb epigenomic regions of interest)

SeqCap Epi Designs

SeqCap Epi Developer Kits

(target up to 210 Mb of both strands of any organism’s bisulfite-treated DNA or from 90-200 Mb of human targets)


SeqCap RNA Enrichment Kits

Designed to target the transcripts of interest in your transcriptome, the SeqCap RNA Enrichment Kits help overcome the challenges in RNA-Seq and transcriptome analyses. Fixed catalog designs to capture long non-coding RNA (lncRNA) are available as well as custom choices with variable design sizes.

Catalog (predesigned)
Custom (user-defined)

SeqCap lncRNA Kit

(Capture up to 17 Mb of long noncoding RNA)

SeqCap RNA Choice Kit

(target up to 7 Mb to 100 Mb of design size)


SeqCap RNA Developer Kit

(target up to 200 Mb in non-human organisms)

Appropriate reagents and accessories are also available for each of these classes of products.