See how Roche NimbleGen SeqCap Epi technology made it possible for researchers to overcome barriers and gain new insights in two recent publications.

Characterization of Functional Methylomes by Next-Generation Capture Sequencing Identifies Novel Disease Associated Variants (Nat Comm, May 2015. Allum, et al.)

  • Targeted sequence capture using SeqCap Epi enabled parallel assessment of methylation and genotypes in human adipose tissue.
  • The method developed by the authors overcomes the limitations of WGBS and methylation arrays.
  • A recent article in GenomeWeb highlights the accomplishments and significance of this research

Recent Webinar

View a recent webinar about this research presented by corresponding author Dr. Elin Grundberg, of McGill University

Post-conversion targeted capture of modified cytosines in mammalian and plant genomes (Nucleic Acids Res, Mar 2015. Li, et al.)

  • Capture of bisulfite converted DNA generated libraries with sequence from both strands with greater complexity than was previously possible.
  • This robust method was applied to human, mouse and maize, yielding both improvements in cost and in variant discovery.