For technical information related to the AcfS

U.S. Customers

Technical information and Package Inserts are located at

Outside of the U.S. Customers

The Instructions For Use, Package Insert, Certificate of Analysis (CoA), and Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) can be downloaded at using the following key codes.

Once on the e-labeling website, type in the key code per image instruction below:

Harmony IVD Kit

Instructions For Use: Key-Code ARD9000PI1

Harmony OUS-RUO Kit

Package Insert: Key-Code ARD8000PI1

AcfS Software CE-IVD

Instructions For Use: Key-Code ARD8010PIFORTE

AcfS OUS-RUO Software

Package Insert: Key-Code ARD8020PIFORTE


To download CoA, type "ARD" immediately followed by the lot number


For Library Box 1, use the Key-Code ARD8000SDS1

For Library Box 2, use the Key-Code ARD8000SDS2

For Detection Box 1, use the Key-Code ARD8000SDS3

For Detection Box 4, use the Key-Code ARD8000SDS4

For FGK0016 (SDS-00108) Kit Service Test Beads Set of 2, use the Key-Code ARD8000SDS6